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For an addict to fully understand his situation and the harm it is causing, he must begin in an intervention rehab program where the intervention professional will talk to the person in a respectful, gentle and non-judgmental way. Once it is successful, it will be a big help to a person to understand the negative effect of drug and will be willing and able to see that they are already hurting the people around them and accept the needed treatment for him to recover.

Intervention Rehab Program is not just confronting someone with his drug abuse. There is much more than that. One of the most important factors in these services is the presence of a drug interventionist who is trained in drug intervention and drug addiction treatments. This is a crucial element, because drug-involved individuals may not be willing to listen to anyone even their close family members and tend to see their friends as their basis leading them to believe that their own thoughts activities are just okay.

How Do You Know If Someone Needs an Intervention?

Basically, you will know that a person needs an Intervention Rehab Program when you notice the following:

  • Sudden loss or gain of weight

Other drugs can make you gain weight and some will make you skinny. E.g. Marijuana use gives a feeling of hunger to the user leading to often eating. While the lack of eating when their high on meth makes an individual skinny.

  • Poor personal hygiene

He does not care or have no idea that he already has a bad odor. Forgets to brush his teeth and take a bath.

  • Fights with friends and family members

A person is likely to make an issue out of everything leading to fights and misunderstandings.

  • Withdrawal from family functions.

Forgetting your responsibilities. Like for example you are the head of the family and you are neglecting your function and stop providing the needs of the family.

  • Allegations of petty crimes

Stealing, bullying, killing because of hallucinations, suicide attempts

  • Denial of drug and/or alcohol use

It is common for addicts to deny that drugs are the source of the difficulties they face. They may instead blame other people or circumstances in their lives.

  • Alibis

Untruthful accounts of their whereabouts

Needs To Consider When Having an Intervention Rehab Program:

  • Meet with friends and family members, but do not include the patient first

Do not include children. In this step, you need to discuss with the group the facts of what the patient is experiencing. Try not to be repetitive. Discuss how you believe the patient will react, and anticipate how you will address denials, tears, anger and so forth.

  • Meet with a professional counselor or therapist before the intervention

With the help of a counselor, you have to consult about what are the dos and don’ts.

  • Discuss treatment options with the therapist

Choose a facility in advance, and contact that facility to discuss your plan.

  • Choose a private location

Make sure there will be no disruptions, including gadgets. All should be in present before the patient arrives.

  • When the patient arrives, speak calmly

Do not blame or criticize the person involve. Just let him know that all of you are there for him.

  • Ask the patient to confirm there is a problem

Listen to him, if he denies the problem, consult one of the group and ask for evidence. But never make him feel that he is a bad person

  • Offer immediate treatment, and explain the details about the facility you have arranged

For sure, the patient will deny that he is not in need of a treatment. But you still have to prepare in advance. It will be hard but the counselor is there for guidance.

  • Close the conference on a positive message

Tell the patient that you care for him.

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